Gdańsk by SUP
Explore Gdansk on a SUP board with a professional tour guide!
Gdańsk by SUP
SUP, which is a board with a paddle, is one of the newest and fastest growing water sports.
Gdańsk by SUP
Physical fitness and age don’t matter. SUP is intuitive and relaxing.
Gdańsk by SUP
Unique views, surf adventure and a sense of freedom.


I am a licensed tour guide in Tricity. History and culture of Tricity occupy a special place in my life. I am a graduate of postgraduate studies in Gdansk Studies at the University of Gdansk. One of my greatest passions is SUP. I would like to share  both of my passions with you 😊

Gdańsk is even more beautiful from the perspective of the calm waters of the Motława River. Yachts in the marina are at your fingertips, the Crane seems much larger, and the water gates have never been as phenomenal as when seen from this unique position.

 All tours take place in groups of 2 to 8 people. There are no crowds, no masks to be worn and no-one will be getting underfoot.

Standup paddleboarding is easy, pleasant and fun. The body does not suffer the pain as it does of sitting in a canoe. Combined with stunning views and interesting stories, it is an unforgettable adventure.


You may be curious... FAQ

Both the beginning and the end of the tour take place from a small pier on Kamienna    Grobla Street located on the New Motława River (next to the bus stop “Dolna”). It is just a 5         minutes walk from the Stągiewna Gate.

Dress comfortably so that nothing hampers your movements. You can swim barefoot or in sandals, or even having your shoes on, if you are not afraid of getting them splashed. If you have neoprene boots, they can come in handy on cold days.

On a sunny day take a hat, sunglasses and use sunscreen. On a cooler day, don’t forget a    jacket and a hat. Bring a water bottle and your good mood with you. If you need your phone  we provide waterproof bags. 😊 You can also bring a spare set of clothes just in case.

The less stuff, the more convenient 🙂 Waterproof bags are also available for you for the duration of the trip.

There is nothing to worry about if you have never tried SUP before! First we will teach you      the basics of SUP. You don’t have to stand right away, you can also paddle in a sitting   position.

No problem, just call and let us know you want to take part in the tour and you’ll join       another group, if it’s possible.

Yes, but over the age of 12 and accompanied by a parent/guardian.

You can pay on the spot. We accept payment by card, just please let us know in advance.

Probably not, but 😊 … there’s always a small risk. The water quality in the Motława River         allows for swimming competitions, so you have nothing to fear 😊 You can bring a spare set  

of clothes with you.

We provide SUP boards, safety waistcoats, a waterproof bag and the assistance of a chaperone – guide.


Zwiedzanie Gdańska na SUPie było przeżyciem jedynym w swoim rodzaju i bez wątpienia niezapomnianym. Był to czas zarówno bardzo emocjonujący jak i pouczający. Idealne połączenie przyjemnego z pożytecznym. Trochę sportu, świetny czas spędzony na świeżym powietrzu, a zarazem mnóstwo wiedzy o Gdańsku!
Małgorzata Zaszewska
Hania jest świetną przewodniczką, ciekawie opowiada, zaraża pasją do pływania i odkrywania miasta! Co do SUPa, to wszytko pokaże, wyjaśni i zachęci - i nic na siłę (można większość trasy przepłynąć klęcząc :)). ❤️ Polecam każdemu! PS. Pomysł na zwiedzanie pionierski!
Ania Michalik
Zwiedzanie Gdańska na Supach to dla mnie nowa definicja aktywnego wypoczynku. Poruszanie się po wodzie na tym sprzęcie może z początku wydawać się trudne i niestabilne, ale uwierzcie, wystarczy kilka minut, by "załapać". Samo pływanie już dostarcza wrażeń, a kiedy dodamy do tego historie opowiadane przez przewodniczkę, zwiedzanie Gdańska tym sposobem nabiera zupełnie nowego wymiaru!
Tomasz Lesicki